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Sicily in the Summer

Sicily combines stunning scenery with vibrant, medieval cities and fantastic food, drink and nightlife.  Added to that is Europe’s most active volcano, which had erupted only a couple of months previously.

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Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Tel Aviv is chilled out during the day and a proper party city at night.  The food is great, there is a huge amount to do, or alternatively the beach is never far away. […]

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In and around London

These are a few photographs which I took around my home city of London, which is such a dynamic and diverse city that that there is always something to point a lens at.

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Le Mans 24 hour cycle

More famous for the iconic car race, Le Mans has for the past few years played host to a cycle race over a shortened version of the circuit.  After a briefing in French (useful) […]

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Dartmoor ponies and bluebells

The Dartmoor ponies first regarded me with suspicion, but once I had started clicking they became very friendly.  One in particular wanted to see what was being pointed at him and why!  It was an […]

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